Unframed Productions

Shari Mahrdt is a creative producer at Unframed Productions, a production company she founded with Melina Voss and Shannon Getty, focusing on developing series concepts with diverse writers exploring unique, unheard stories. Her focus lies in creation, packaging, creative producing and overseeing all internal operations of the company. She’s currently developing a drama comedy series (8 x 30’), which was selected as one of the eight most promising, high-end, international series to watch at the 2018 Seriencamp Co-Production Sessions. 


Women's Film Network Berlin

The initiative for Unframed was born out of the Women’s Film Network Berlin that Shari started with Shannon Getty. With 4,000+ members, its Germany’s fastest growing network for female filmmakers from all over the world. With regular meetups, events, screenings and an active online community it fosters dynamic, new, and underrepresented voices in film and television.



Shari moved to Berlin five years ago to be the in-house videographer at an international female health and technology startup where she produced 50+ documentaries, commercials and short films. Before that she has worked at several other high profile VC-backed, technology startups in San Francisco, CA and Austin, Texas. Shari is originally from Germany but grew up in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.


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